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Legal Responsibilities, Values, and Ethics

IAHP focuses on a heart-centered approach to life and change that is the way of the future. We are here to highlight the value of holistic practitioners, so the public can benefit from empowering, non-invasive approaches to healing and to life.

With focus, holistic approaches like the ones clients can find at IAHP deserve to emerge as highly valued contributions to our society. Our members participate by offering professional holistic coaching and healing with highly effective processes like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), SK (Spiritual Kinesiology), holistic life coaching, hypnotherapy, and much more.

IAHP’s heart-centered members are committed to the upliftment of the people they serve, to their professional work, and to the communities they serve, which include the worldwide community many members reach online.

Supporting the advancement of this transformational profession is IAHP’s mission. As such, IAHP Professional Members agree to adhere to the legal responsibilities, values, and the Code of Ethics detailed here.

Legal Responsibilities

As IAHP’s professional members examine the business side of their practices, it’s important for them to be aware that there are varying laws in different areas of the United States and around the world that regulate the various categories of holistic practitioners.

With this understanding, professional members agree to the following:

1. You alone are responsible for knowing what the laws are in your area.
Whatever services you provide, realize that you are responsible for complying with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations that govern your practice.

2. None of the processes and techniques offered by holistic practitioners are intended to replace the services of a qualified medical professional, when needed.

In the United States, practitioners must be particularly aware that in the rare case when a holistic practitioner runs into legal problems, the most common charge is practicing medicine without a license. Practicing psychology without a license is also forbidden, including the use of the words “psychologist” or “psychology” in describing yourself or your services without the required credentials. This even includes describing yourself as a “spiritual psychologist.”

To educate clients, IAHP recommends that members provide an Information Form that describes their services and have new clients sign it. This creates a record showing that clients understand what our members are doing and what they are not doing. A sample of this form is available in the Application for Membership. Members can customize it to comply with the laws in their area and to describe their specific services and approaches.

IAHP’s Core Values

Heart-Centered Approach

IAHP is devoted to promoting a heart-centered approach to life and realizing our full potential as human beings. As such, IAHP’s professional members uphold these values:

1. Responsibility: We uphold high standards for our members with IAHP’s Code of Ethics. IAHP members understand the power of taking responsibility for themselves, along with empowering themselves and others to realize their true potential.

2. Excellence: Members commit to striving for excellence, understanding that each of us has the power to connect with the best in ourselves and those we serve as professional Holistic Practitioners.

3. Love: Love is the guiding force for IAHP’s professional members. It is also viewed as the right of everyone and everything to live with love. In essence:

“Love is the solution, because love transforms lives.”

The IAHP Code of Ethics

IAHP supports its members in maintaining a high level of conduct in their professional practices. The IAHP Code of Ethics applies to members’ work with clients, classes, presentations, and all other activities they conduct as part of their professional work.

The purposes of the IAHP’s Code of Ethics include the following:

  • Pride: To provide standards IAHP members can be proud of
  • Trust: To create an environment the people IAHP members serve can trust

Each IAHP Professional Member agrees to adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

  • Human Welfare: In their professional work, members promise to honor the potential of each individual and respect every human’s innate right to well-being in the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. IAHP members are courteous, and any abusiveness is strictly prohibited.
  • Legal Conformity: Members observe the professional ethics of their conscience, training standards, and all of the laws of their city, state or province, and country. IAHP members agree to follow the regulations that are required for their individual profession(s). Our holistic practitioners agree to disclose that they are legally practicing their distinctive profession and are not licensed health care providers.
  • Marketing Integrity: In their marketing, members agree to inform and educate the public honestly about the nature of their work without overstating their credentials or making unsubstantiated claims.
  • Confidentiality: Members understand that everything that is told to them with an expectation of privacy in the performance of their work is a sacred trust to be held in confidence, except in cases where silence may result in inflicting harm. Members agree to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of information shared during client sessions as is acceptable under the law.
  • Character: Members agree to be of high moral character, conduct themselves and their practices in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Personal Integrity: Members agree to be open and honest with the people they serve. As a part of the integrity of their professional work, members also recognize that they are responsible for conscientiously pursuing my own personal and spiritual development, including and addressing any personal issues they have that affect their professional work.
  • Vision: Members strive to create and hold a higher vision for humanity. They honor all people, all forms of life, and the planet that sustains us all. Members agree to maintain IAHP’s core values – responsibility, excellence, and love – as described above.
  • Limitations: Members agree to abide by their legal responsibilities as described above. They limit their professional services to the areas for which they are qualified. Membership will be revoked if a member interferes with or injures the rights of others, performs criminal acts, or practices medicine without a license.
  • Lifelong Learning: Members adhere to high standards of training and continuing education. All members recognize the importance of continuing education by taking classes and studies that further their professional training each year. Members agree to complete 15 hours of continuing education each year.

Members understand that the IAHP reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership to anyone who, in our judgment, does not comply with IAHP’s Code of Ethics.

Download the Application for Becoming a Professional Member Here

Download the Application for Becoming a Professional Member Here
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