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Through its association with the Awakenings Institute, IAHP co-sponsors courses in a variety of powerful, state-of-the-art holistic practices. 

“Do you want to learn how to help others, come fully alive, and be the change you want to see in the world?”

If so, Awakenings Institute’s popular Holistic/Spiritual Training Courses in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) energy healing, life coaching, Spiritual Kinesiology, and more may be just what you are seeking.

As an added benefit, graduates of Awakenings’ certification courses and programs can qualify graduates to receive a lifetime membership in IAHP.

These unique certification courses are described in detail on Awakenings Institute’s gettingthru.org website, which you can access by following any of the links below. 

Awakenings’ Holistic Certification Courses include:

Holistic EFT Online  Certification: Levels 1-3

Time-tested approach to Holistic EFT, offered since 2004. Learn in depth go at your own rate. 

Holistic Coaching & Healing Certification

​​In-depth, hands-on live Online Coaching and Healing Certification Program for personal and professional development.

Spiritual Counselor Certification Program

​Learn and integrate skills with depth of spirit to use personally and professionally 

Spiritual Kinesiology ​Online Certification

​Learn a powerful healing system to access your soul’s wisdom for ​ healing…

Life Purpose ​Online Certification

Comprehensive profile of soul and personality characteristics that shapes your life purpose and more…

Intuition Certification with EFT

Learn how to develop your intuition, for yourself and others. Hands-on, how-to techniques …

The Power of a Holistic Approach

With over two decades in the field, Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) healers, coaches, and trainers – Phillip and Jane Mountrose – are recognized experts and poineers in a powerful range of holistic practices. Their courses at Awakenings Institute focus on providing their students with uniquely powerful holistic tools for eliminating obstacles, accelerating personal development, discovering one’s life purpose, and creating success. 

Awakenings Institute teaches students how to bring the vast realm of spirit down to earth and transform lives. Courses also make fast, powerful and effective holistic techniques easy to understand and implement.

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